A. Conditions of agreement

1. Introduction

  1. This set of terms and conditions govern the use of the 32Red Sports Book. When placing a bet with 32Red, the Account Holder is therefore agreeing that the Account Holder has read, understood and will be adhering to these Terms and Conditions including the general Terms and Conditions and the Protection of Funds at any time applicable to 32Red.

  2. The use of 32Red’s Sports Book is subject to the regulations imposed by The UK Gambling Commission. To the extent that any decision issued by The UK Gambling Commission conflicts, or is inconsistent, with these Sports Book Rules, the decision issued by The UK Gambling Commission will supersede any relevant clause(s) of these Sports Book rules.

  3. 32Red reserves the right to make changes to betting limits and offerings.

  4. Any reference in these Sports Book Rules, to words/objects that appear in singular, also applies to plural. References to gender are non-binding and to be treated for information purposes only. All references to “including” shall mean “including without limitation”.

  5. Should it be applicable, any reference to 32Red’s website and its contents is also to be considered as applicable for Casino/offline/land-based environments, including Self-Service Terminals (SST), Over The Counter (OTC) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Complete Betting Rules

  1. Click here to see our complete betting rules, including but not limited to; General Betting Rules (Section B) and Sport Betting Rules & Limits (Section C).

  2. Any data provided or accessible in, from or related to the Sports Book may be used by the Account Holder for private, non-commercial use only and any use or attempted use of such data for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

  3. 32Red has the right to enforce a term of the contract relating to the Sports Book against any Account Holder.

Last updated: 03-11-2022, 09:56 GMT+1

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