Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold

Fancy a complete new casino game experience that combines that thrilling casino buzz with the best parts of the classic card game, rummy? Then look no further than our Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold. Join us and claim your first deposit bonus.

Unlike other casino card games, Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold sees you competing against just a single opponent to the lowest score. In this case, your opponent is the dealer. Best the dealer to enjoy rewards as high as 100 to 1 in two independent betting options.

Play the ante and win proportional payouts connected to size of your score. Payouts start at score lower than 20 at evens, scores of between 5 and 1 at 2:1 and a perfect score of 0 at 4:1. But get that extra kick from the game by playing the bonus bet.

Much like the “pair plus” option in 3 card poker, the bonus bet in Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold allows you to win big at the tables from just one hand and independent of the dealer’s. Place chips on the allocated area on the table and you could be reaping rewards for scores of 11-12 for 4:1, 0 at 12:1 and all the way to suited run of Ace, 2 and 3 for an amazing 100:1.

Finished in the 32Red gold-standard walnut, luxurious green felt, slick game engine and the finest stero sounds, Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold is the genuine article.


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