Mark of Medusa - Online Slot

How’s your knowledge of Greek Mythology? Well, make learning fun and profitable with the Mark of Medusa slot – a top 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine.

Medusa, so ugly she turned those who dare gaze upon her to stone, is the key to this great game. Far from terminal in Mark of Medusa game, she’ll fill in for missing symbols to complete winning paylines for you. By putting more coins in your account she will leave you grateful that those ancient Greeks had such vivid imaginations!

Pegasus was the result of up Medusa’s demise to Perseus, who ingeniously discovered that cutting her head off would prevent all that pesky and annoying turning to stone business. A strange chap, he brandished her severed head as a weapon until he gave it to Athena, as a gift... Anyway, Pegasus sprung from Medusa’s severed neck and is a winged horse. Odd yes, but you’ll love the fact its Mark of Medusa’s scatter symbol – rewarding you wherever more than two fall on the reels. Get three and free spins and big winnings await...

A mean looking dog with three heads, which guards the entrance to the underworld and has a weakness for lullabies adds to the amazing theme and feel of Mark of Medusa. Combined with helmets, swords and Greek warriors you’ll really get into the Greek mythological world as you spin and win at 32Red.


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