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Joker Poker is a video poker classic. Instantly recognisable and capable of immediate returns.

Video Poker is based on five card draw poker and on poker hand strength. However, whereas in five card draw the strength of a hand dictates the winner of the pot - the result of accumulated bets and antes - joker poker has fixed payouts for varying hands. Therefore you play against the machine and lady luck, rather than other players. Basically, you will always get a payout if you meet the minimum criteria of a winning hand.

Just a two pair of Kings or higher marks the cut off point between winning and losing in Joker Poker. This may seem quite steep, but considering the joker is wild, in that it will replace missing cards to build stronger poker hands, you'll make the required two pair or greater quite frequently. Making Joker Poker one our most generous video poker machines in our virtual casino.

Underlying all winning games of joker poker is the double bonus game. You can gamble your winnings whenever you win a game by electing to pick a card from five down facing cards that is greater or equal to the one displayed. Picking correctly will double your money in one easy move and put a lasting grin on your face. It takes nerves of steel to gamble the big ones but a few rounds of this bonus game will boost your credit no end! However, remember to always bet responsibly. Set limits and a budget and stick to them.

Joker Poker is just one of our top games from our suite of amazing video poker machines.

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